Dr Allie's Adrenal Support Package

Dr Allie's Adrenal Support Package

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If you are exhausted, brain fogged and at the end of your tether....

If your "Get up and Go" got up and went...

It might be your adrenals that are suffering. Could it be adrenal fatigue?

This package contains all you need to start to heal your stressed-out adrenals.

  • Dr Allie's recommended supplements for adrenal support
  • Dr Allie's favourite probiotic supplement - Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium
  • Dr Allie's  Adrenal Score Sheet to help you work out how your adrenal glands are faring
  • Adrenal-Supporting lifestyle tweaks to put the spring back in your step!
  • Bonus: Membership of the Team Vitality Facebook Group Community and the opportunity to  ask Dr Allie questions on her monthly LIve Q&A call.